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Eye Camp for Children

parents are unable to get their eye sight checked and treated at the correct time, thus causing complications in the long run. Keeping this in mind, we had arranged for a children’s eye camp with a team of expert Ophthalmologists from Shankar Eye Hospital, on 25th June 2007. This camp was held especially for children below 16 years. This camp was organized in the memory of Akshara (Babloo) (Sri M.Sivarama Krishna Reddy- Smt. Kalyani’s two year old daughter). Totally 963 members were examined, out of which 40 of them had been advised for eye treatment.
25 members had been advised to use spectacles which were distributed by the hospital team within 15 days. Rest of the 15 members have been sent to Sankar Eye Hospital and after getting examined if necessary surgeries would be done to them at free of cost. ”My daughter Hima Varsha also has been examined in the same camp. Strangely my daughter has been traced with eyesight with a power of -2.5 for right eye and -0.5 for left eye. Doctors have advised to use spectacles immediately. In the same way there are many children who are not being traced with eye disorders so, I think that for such children these sorts of eye camps would be beneficial”.         —M.V. Rami Reddy.

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