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Success Story


Fabric Painting Brightened the Lives of Rural Women


Name of the village: Mandadam; Mandal: Thulluru; District: Guntur

Names of the self help groups: Sai Ram Group, Sri Lakshmi Group, and Sri Krishna Group

As like any other villages from rural background Mandadam Village too is agriculture based area where most of the men and women depend on agriculture for their livelihood. Their geographical background too thought the people no other work other than the agriculture. Both men and women have to work from morning to till evening to get a mouthful of food for their families in the hot son. But some of the women from the village are forced to stay idle at home due to their health factors. Lack of women support in earning to those farmer families has become an unavoidable problem to run their familes.

Muvva China Bapi Reddy Memorial (MCBRM) Trust has observed the existing conditions of Mandadam village, and has planned to uplift those families where women are at home with lack of work.  Trust has identified some Self Help Groups in the village which are working affectively. Looking at the active participation of women in SHGs, trust has planned to train them in fabric painting which can support the women in income generation staying under their roof.

30 women from three self help groups came forward to upgrade their skill for the period of 4 months starting from October 2010 to January 2011. After the training they started a small scale business showing their expertise in fabric painting on the saries.

Women those who have trained on fabric painting purchase the plain saries from Vijayawada which is 20 KM away from their village and paint them with beautiful designs. They buy the Plain sari at the rate of RS 300 to 500 and sell them at the cost of Rs 700 to 1000 after painting.

Now all the women who have learned the fabric painting work are happily earning good income every month staying at their homes. They feel proud of MCBRM for identifying their needs and providing with a useful training which turned as a great support to their families.