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Paper Bag

Completion of MEDP on paper bag production

With the support of NABARD

Conducted by Muvva China Bapi Reddy Memorial Trust


Paper bag training has been inaugurated by Muvva China Bapi Reddy Memorial Trust. With the generous support from NABARD under the scheme of MEDP, it was initiated on 21/02/2012, at Ponnekallu village of Guntur District and successfully completed on 11/03/2012. Mr. M.V.Rami Reddy, Managing Trustee is the Chief Guest of the program. Mr. V.Sambi Reddy, President, MCBRM trust, Mr. Samba Siva Rao, CPI leader, Mr. M.R.C.Reddy, General Secretary, MCBRM trust, Mr. M.Srinivas Reddy, Vice President of MCBRM, Smt. Komali, and Smt. Sunanda, the trainer have participated in the program.

Outcome of the training program: 

  • Women skills in paper bag production have been enhanced and encouragement has been given to rural women towards income generation.
  • Efforts for the environment sustainability and preparation of the eco friendly products were initiated by this program.
  • It was asked women to encourage the usage of paper products by discouraging the usage of plastic.

Total number of beneficiaries who have benefited under this program are 30 in number. Training has been carried for 20 days at Ponnekallu Village of Guntur District.

Views of the participants and the beneficiaries towards the training

All the participants and beneficiaries in the program have expressed their opinions in the following words.

MV. Rami Reddy (Managing Trustee of MCBRM):  Expressing the gratitude to NABARD for sanctioning the MEDP, he addressed the gathering to start a fresh life with the skill that they have got acquainted. He encouraged the women by telling that, gone are the days where women are paralyzed with the responsibilities of child caring and child rearing at home. But now the new trends have been in force stretching out the responsibilities of women at home and work place. He has concluded his note asking women to establish into a strong body of workforce by making use of their skill.

Sambasiva Rao (Local Politician): He thanked MCBRM trust for availing these types of supportive trainings at the reach of women at Guntur District with the support of NABARD. Appreciating all the advancements of trust he acknowledged the continuous support to women and the needy.

Smt. Komali (Leader of Mahilamadal): Smt. Komali has expressed her great joy towards MCBRM for the efforts in sensitizing the women and for the hard work in Women empowerment. No bonds for her joy in expressing her views about the training and about the initiations of the trust. She uttered a sincere blessing to organization asking to flourish and support many more women in the future.

Smt. Sunanda (The trainer): She felt happy for the trust and for its endless efforts towards the development of women. She said that it is very nice to see the interest of women in learning during the 20 days of their training program. Now women in Ponnekkallu can strongly tell that, they are going to have bright future with the skill which they have learned. She also gave her gratitude to NABARD for availing wonderful schemes for the women.

Conclusion:Training program on paper bag production has been successfully completed by 11/03/2012. Overall feedback of the training program was very positive and women are very happy about training and for the initiations of Muvva China Bapireddy Memorial Charitable Trust.


Thanks and Regards

M.V.Rami Reddy

Managing Trustee

Muvva China Bapi Reddy Memorial Trust