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MCBRM brochure2


Muvva China Bapi Reddy Memorial Charitable Trust

“Passion for Service Excellence”


Muvva China Bapi Reddy Memorial (MCBRM) Charitable Trust has been registered on 17th August 2000, with a view to provide voluntary service to the society while addressing the needs of millions of people.  The Trust was started by Mr. M.V. Rami Reddy, who is passionate and inspired to contribute his part to eliminate the deep rooted social problems in Indian villages. His conviction, undaunted spirit and friendly demeanor have inspired many others to join in this endeavor.  The essence of MCBRM trust is to help the disadvantaged and the needy that are unprivileged, having its vision and mission:


Vision: To empower the weaker sections of the society through the means of effective social and economic solutions.

Mission:  Ensuring that every individual has an access to various opportunities for his/her development.

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