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Case Studies


                 Srilatha is the first issue of her parents physically disabled due to polio. Her father is a poor agricultural labor and the whole family lives on the income from the cultivation of 2 acres of leased land. Despite this, Srilatha’s hard work fetched her good marks in her Intermediate. With a dream of pursuing a degree in B. Pharm, she managed to get a rank in EAMCET. Concerned by her financial inability to chase her dream career, she approached the Trust.

The MCBRM admired her courage and perseverance and extended its help through the means of a small contribution. The Trust had paid her Hostel Fee of Rs. 20000/-.


               She hails from a poor Muslim family and is physically challenged with just one leg. Despite this handicap, she got seat in a Medical College. Her father is works in a chicken shop and earns very little which is insufficient to meet the educational needs of Samreen. He somehow managed to pay the first year’s fee by selling his wife’s jewellery and some household articles. But he was unable to pay the second year’s fee and therefore approached the Trust. With the help of funds donated by Sri Lakshmi (Bangalore), the Trust could pay her Second Year’s fee and has promised to help her for the remaining four years.


                   Lakshmi in in the Second Year of her Graduation and her brother Ashok is in the First Year B.Sc. They belong to Nidamarru, while their college is in Namburu village. Their father had lost all the property in business and had expired due to the mental pressure. Their mother had been working as a daily wage laborer ever since and had been spending it on their education. In 2006-07, she had to pay Rs.14000/- towards the fees, but she could manage only Rs.1400/- out of the sum. With no other option available, she approached the Trust for help, which assured to bear the financial responsibility till the completion of her children’s education.

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